MDG 317 0892-2

Rudolf Innig, Orgel
Walcker Orgel in St. Maria, Schramberg

Josef Rheinberger (1839-1901)
Complete Organ Works Vol. 2

Sonatas No. 2-4

Trios op. 49

Excerpts from the booklet

In his Sonatas Nos. 2-4 Rheinberger developed a sonata style that continued to bear a strong contrapuntal stamp but is no longer dominated by contrapuntal devices. Picking up on Mendelssohn, he lent each movement its own weight. The lyrical element does not fail to receive its proper representation, and motivic reminiscences and the resumption of themes make for the close linking together of the movements. (Irmlind Capelle)

Excerpts from the reviews

„Interpretatorisch griffiger ist für mich jedoch die Einspielung von Rudolf Innig, vor allem wegen Innigs „inniger“ Musizierweise, die exaltierte Ausbrüche kennt und sehr farbige Registrierungen.“ (Klassik heute, 2000, Gesamteindruck: höchste Bewertung)

„Again, Innig proves himself as an ideal interpreter of his repertoire, and I feel his tempos and rubato are just right.“ (Gramophone, 2000)

“Here the crown goes to the Walcker organ and to its player, Rudolf Innig. Rudolf Innig’s intuitively musical playing and the quite lovely Walcker get my vote.” (Organist’s Review, 2000)

“Once, again, I can praise the well thought out performances of Rudolf Innig and the fine Walcker organ of St. Mary’s Schramberg is perfect for music of this nature. These three sonatas receive fine performances, probably the best I have on CD. A performance that makes me want to hear more: I look forward to Vol. 3.” (The Organ, 2000)