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welcome to my new homepage giving you information about my life, current concerts, recordings and other publications.

The publication section gives information about the regular CDs.

A new recording of the six organ-concerts op. 4 by Georg Friedrich Händel was published by the MDG company ( in January 2016. The recorded version is the romantic-virtuous edition for solo organ by Samuel de Lange (1840-1911). More information can be found below.

In case of vinyl disc, some recordings such as the early works by Olivier Messiaen and the complete organ works by Johannes Brahms, can be acquired now at a reduced price.

The section 'notes' is completely new. Here you can find my own editions of some organ music, f. e. so far unpublished organ works by Franz Lachner. Furthermore there are some transcriptions for organ, such as the 'Rhapsody in Blue' by George Gershwin, and the early symphonic works by Anton Bruckner, beginning with the 'Four early pieces' (1862).

The 'other publications' section provides information, such as articles from journals and encyclopedias, brochures of major concert projects and about the Pianist Prof. Hans-Martin Theopold, my former teacher.

New youtube-clips are linked in the 'video' section.

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Rudolf Innig

Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel - Sämtliche Orgelwerke

»Die Rheinberger-Box mit sämtlichen Orgelwerken, eingespielt von Rudolf Innig: fabelhaft.«

Kritik von Dr. Aron Sayed,, 10.01.2015